Compliance’s Experts : our services

Bank acceptance is becoming a real issue with banks worldwide de-risking their clients for various reasons.

Complex structures, ultimate beneficial owner living in a high tax country, immaterial businesses or unusual business models; banks are now rejecting the bank account opening or terminating existing relationships.

In front of this situation, we developed 3 years ago bank introduction services supported by a rigorous compliance process.

Our team will conduct an enhanced due diligence with the client collaboration and Open-source intelligence (OSINT) also with the support of specialized AML databases.

The 15 hours process is supervised by a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) and allows us to systematically open successfully bank accounts for our clients.

Hong Kong is becoming the most difficult place to open a bank account.

« working with compliance experts successful with the highest compliance standards give our clients a peace of mind »

Our bank introduction services are guaranteed : we achieve it or we reimburse.