Incorporate New Hong-Kong Company

Depending on the detailed nature of your activities, the laws and regulations in you tax residence country, your business and personal objectives to incorporate a Hong Kong company could be an excellent solution…but this shouldn’t be defined by yourself only without the support of specialists.

Your Needs, Our Tailored Solutions

Incorporate a Hong Kong company is a short frame process including various details publicly available, so many company services providers in Hong Kong are offering a wide range of services without paying attention to your needs and instead are selling self-centered services.

Would you like to purchase something and send a down-payment to a company which has a capital of 1 USD? Do you really think that a printing company has its address in the most expensive tower of Hong Kong or in the same office than many other financial companies instead of being located in an industrial building?

Even provisory arrangements should present some commercial logic : your reputation is a stake

Paying attention to details to incorporate Hong Kong Company is a MUST.

Having specialists as advisors to mix and match local requirements with International needs will pave the way of your success.

At a time when banks are rejecting many bank account opening applications the selection of a reputable company services provider to act as your company secretary is a key factor.

Banks compliance departments are aware of the seriousness or absence of such from local providers

Who pays peanuts get monkeys : a qualitative service is costly and this particularly in Hong Kong where offices rents are high and where keeping a good team supposes paying them well.

Businesspeople Meeting in Sitting Area