What If you could easily understand your tax risks and the possibility to obtain and to maintain a company bank account?

What If you could easily get straight forwards answers and advices, not only about Hong Kong solutions but also taking into account your country of residence?

What about joining a very shot list of selected clients easily solving their issues and saving money with the support of Accoplus (TSCP license TC001110)?

EXPAND YOUR BUSINESS with dedicated professionals on your side Since 2012

Accoplus is offering

personalized Incorporation management


Post-Incorporation management

services for





companies, from Hong Kong with independence.

Accoplus advantages

Small is beautiful

All our clients access our 2 directors and as we don’t want more directors: we limit the number of clients. We only onboard clients whom will enjoy our services and get real benefits, if we have any doubts, we refer you to the competition.

Money matters

If you pay peanuts, you get monkey. We are more expensive than the low costs companies advertising on the net. Our team is with us since years, well trained, up-to date with regulations and guidelines. We work and live in one of the most expensive cities in the world.

Delivering results

Our clients are mostly very challenging, they stay with us because we deliver. Complex cases are our bread and butter, if we can’t deliver, we tell you immediately and we source the best solution for you.

Network Kings

We nurture personal relationship with bankers, lawyers, tax and immigration experts. We always know someone knowing better than us. We deal with the best professionals. We exchange with our network about ideas and new concepts, we learn and we teach.

Finally straight forward answers with intelligent, instead of purely legal, wording. The solution you proposed is creative and efficient, I saved USD 5000, thanks
Paul X - Entrepreneur
Thanks again for the detailed explanation about this unusual business model, I now have a green light from our compliance team to open the bank account.
Joey C – Bank X CRM
Just got the confirmation about the offshore profits’ status, the precision of answering 37 questions from IRD was a key element, hope you will enjoy the wine delivery I just organized for you guys! Many thanks!!!!
Yves M – Entrepreneur
Please share a big thanks to your team who spotted the discrepancies in the Audit draft, this saved a lot of time and energy, very good job.
Dan – CEO

Customer Satisfaction

You have the courage and honesty to reject a potential client, this is so rare, thanks for your guidance and all the best.
Ahmad – Entrepreneur

Hong Kong Advantages

From Zero to 16.5 % depending on the business model, and with multiple double tax treaties in force. All this from a city not categorized as a tax heaven.

No public register of beneficials owners, no directors address publicly available, difficult access to the company registry, use of nominees permitted, multi-layering quite common.

A price request is not treated the same way if emanating from a local company, next to the world factory the price difference is paying all company costs.

Just accounting and audit, you will enjoy the world’s freest economy with no VAT, no dividends tax, no exchange control, a real pro-business environment.

Common law and a vast choice of legal professionals with extensive experience of cross-border operations.  Adequate Trustee ordinance.

Hong Kong is clearly stating that doors are open to talents, entrepreneur and employees are now in the best period to immigrate with lower costs than usual as the property market is adjusting.

It’s time for you to learn how to live in total security.

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