August 3, 2020

Bank account opening in Hong Kong

A bank account opening in hong kong is nowadays difficult because this requires a physical bank interview , no possibility to escape a trip to the city.

The  alternatives for a company bank account opening in hong kong are a bank account opening at distance when the interview will be by video conference. Some jurisdictions are accepting such at distance interviews, in Singapore, Mauritius and Switzerland.

The bank account opening in hong kong could be realized after the first bank account opening at distance, this account in hong kong could be indispensable as the obtention of the hong kong tax residence certificate exisges theat the company main banker be located in hong kong

A bank account opening in hong kong also requires business in Asia and a strict compliance process, Tier 1 banks in the city will not onboard companies with expected turnover of less than 150,000 USD, its of course an unsaid requirement.

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