Bank Experts

Having a good understanding of our client’s activities is we believe the essence and the main interest of our business.

To offer alternatives and advices we should comprehend our client’s environments, the reasons of their success, the causes of their concerns, their strategies.

The compliance process is not only a mandatory responsibility but is also the foundation of a long-term collaboration, advising is only possible based on a good understanding of the situations.

Our in-house compliance team is trained on OSINT, Open-Source Intelligence, and by scanning publicly available information in addition to the access restricted databases we avoid any surprises.

The lengthy compliance process is protecting our clients, each and every business partner are checked so the reputational and operational risks are better managed.

Because of our extensive experience Financial Institutions and Professionals’ intermediaries are at ease with our referrals.


We have a strong experience with immaterial businesses and digital activities, this greatly reduce the investment of time required to fully understand these often high-growth activities.

Our sister company Compliancia also provides white label compliance reports.

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