Confidentiality And Privacy Protection

Insuring confidentiality and privacy is a very sensitive job. For years, services providers were offering nominee services and other tools to their clients but today in order to offer the same a comprehensive enhanced due diligence should be performed.

Basically everybody should be at ease : the client should have been checked, his legitimacy demonstrated and the service provider should have performed the same compliance on each and every of its clients in order to preserve its impeccable reputation.

Nominee services, transparency and confidentiality

Most of the providers are going to sell structures. They have a tool box full of trust and foundations, International Business Companies and nominee directors and/or shareholders : they “honestly” believe that comfortably seated in their ultra-protected environment that they do understand their client’s worries….

The real problematic today isn’t about taxes as with a good advisor you will legally protect your position. The needs for confidentiality and privacy protection switched from being tax oriented to a protection against blackmail and kidnappings.

In an Era of full transparency protecting yourself against government’s services could be an illusion, although to be fair complicating their life to such an extent that they will back off on small cases is very common.

The real problem is denied : the world isn’t a safe place for the wealthy and a growing number of criminals have the means and the patience to get them into troubles.

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