Corporate services: What you need to know 

Corporate services: What you need to know 

When you decide to venture into foreign markets, the first thing should be gathering as much information as possible. One of the best ways to do this is using corporate services. These are unique activities that include some company-extensive required support service that are designed with specialized knowledge, technology, best practices, and at times business partners and clients.

In some countries, public audit agencies release reports on value for money in different sectors such as human resources, finance, procurement, information & technology, and properties management. In this post, corporate services: what you need to know, we share all that you need to know when planning to venture into foreign markets.


Business advisory services

Business advisory services provide comprehensive advisory to existing and even future businesses about clients with the objective of taking a company or business to the next level.

These services are consumed by every type of business and entail reviewing finance, legal, tax, market, and all the risk factors for startups. The services are mainly offered by organizations that have vast experience and knowledge on company formation.

Company incorporation 

Company incorporation is the formation of a company in a country of residence. However, non-residents can also form companies (off-shore companies) in countries other than their own.

Notably, laws on the formation of an offshore company vary a lot depending on the country of choice. Offshore incorporation consultants deal with the registration of companies in foreign countries.

Registered agents 

A registered agent/ statutory agent/resident agent is a designated individual allowed to receive service of the process especially when a business is faced with a legal action like summons or lawsuits.

The services of such agents include Business licensing, compliance services, and preparation of reports that need to be filed on a regular basis (annually, biannually etcetera).

Finance and banking 

These corporate services in Hong-Kong were introduced to ease the complexity of dealing with finance and banking related issues. The services provide tips as well as info to help clients understand and manage their finances prudently. In some cases, the consultants can help clients set up corporate bank accounts for their clients. Some examples, of specific services might include offshore bank accounts, brokerage accounts, and private banking.

Accounting and Tax Services

These corporate services are very helpful for enterprises that intend to outsource their work. The services may include preparation and submitting of various obligatory documents that are demanded by law about your business. Some of the services that a corporation can seek include tax registration, payroll, tax returns, and tax planning.


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