Director Services – all jurisdictions

Accoplus is providing to foreign colleagues and foreign legal professionals individuals with Hong Kong residence as Directors for foreign companies in all jurisdictions.

To find a non-resident Director is often a complex process, an individual Director has legal liabilities and reputational risks to consider. This explain why most professionals would reject the opportunity to hold such position in an entity which is not under their own control.

For Corporate Services Providers and legal professional in search of a non-resident Director for their clients the task is complicated, as the individuals accepting the exposure are sadly often bringing their own reputational risks.

The solution arises with an excellent onboarding compliance and a rigorous monitoring of the company activities.

Nominee Director Services were in the past easily granted by Certified Public Accountants and Corporate Services Providers clerks, with the implementation of AML laws and regulations and with increased pressure from Financial Institutions this is changing fast and not for the best.

Accoplus has extensive experience in the compliance process and benefit from an International network of trusted advisors, this supports the rightful screening process.

Only accepting clients well-known by their Foreign Corporate Services Providers and Legal professionals, by providing Individuals with accurate business profiles to hold Director’s Positions in various jurisdictions the Accoplus Nominee Director Services are very efficient.

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