Holding Formation Hong Kong: Why You Should Consider Using an Agency 

Holding Formation Hong Kong: Why You Should Consider Using an Agency 

To expand your operations into Asia and grow rapidly, one of the best methods is using a holding company. Because it is a separate entity from the mother company, it acts as a shield in case of risks such as bankruptcy. Once you have decided to use a holding company to expand operations offshore, it is prudent to select the right country or region.

Hong Kong has stood out as an ideal place to incorporate a holding company because of enthralling government support, stable political system, and preferential treatment when doing business with the Mainland China.

To incorporate a holding company in Hong Kong, you can either do it on your own or contract an agency. Registering the company on your own requires a lot of time to travel to Hong Kong, preparing necessary documents, and clarifying every issue that the registration office might ask.

For many people, this is lengthy and very expensive. The better method for holding formation Hong Kong is using an agency. Here are the key benefits of using an agency to register the holding company.

Agencies allow you to incorporate the company in absentia 

Once you get the right agency, holding formation Hong Kong will be possible without travelling. You will only be required to send the details of shareholders and parent company to start and complete the process.  The agencies are experts and will help you to prepare the documents properly to raise the chances of success incorporating the holding company.

They assist you to get a company secretary and office address 

When you are incorporating a company in Hong Kong, some of the key requirements include a company secretary and physical address. If you opt to register the holding company on your own, the process can be lengthy and tedious. You will need to advertise on local dailies and vet all applicants to select the best. However, Agencies already have lists of the best secretaries and can use their offices as your address to hasten the process.

You keep the cost of operations very low

Every company seeking to expand rapidly must maintain focus on optimizing profits and keeping the expenses low. Using an agency for holding formation Hong Kong helps to cut costs in the following ways; one you do not need to travel to Hong Kong to register the company.

Two, you do not have to run ads on dailies seeking company secretary. Third, you can share the agency’s address and secretary with other companies to keep associated costs low.

Agencies provide invaluable advise on entering Hong Kong growing in Asia

The secret to succeeding after holding formation Hong Kong and expanding into the Mainland China is to understand the operational environment. Your agency will come in handy to help you understand the market in Hong Kong and neighboring countries.

First, they understand the regulatory environment well and will assist you to craft policies that do not go against the local laws. They also have numerous research data that investors can use to understand Hong Kong market to expand rapidly.


While a holding formation Hong Kong can be done in several ways, the most effective is using an agency. Agencies are run by experts with many years of experience helping clients in related processes in Hong Kong. They make it easy to understand Hong Kong environment and hasten expansion into China and the Far East.

To get even better results, it is advisable to carefully vet the agency of choice and work with its staff closely to get top notch documents and assistance when venturing into Hong Kong market.

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