Hong Kong Advantages

Hong Kong has a history of resilience, a dynamism and an incomparable energy.

Operational Logic

Hong Kong is the place to be for sales and purchases in Asia, because of the numerous Chinese investments it’s also the best location to conclude International agreements.

Confidentiality Advantages

NO Public Register of Significant Controllers, Plus large acceptance of Seychelles, Samoa or other entities in offshore location as shareholders and corporate directors (in addition of an individual Director).

Reputational Logic

Hong Kong isn’t an exotic destination, instead it’s a cooperative jurisdiction with a strong compliance.

Sound Legal System

Common Law and a vast choice of legal professionals with extensive experience of cross-border operations. Adequate Trustee ordinance.

Tax Advantages

Hong Kong profit tax is 8.25 % till profits of USD 250,000 then 16.5 % only. No Capital gain, No VAT, ease to operate offshore without taxes.

Recognized Business Freedom

Without administrative burden and with a pro-business environment.


Challenging offshore claims, tax authorities are regularly requesting a demonstration with proofs to accept the offshore profits claim and this is tedious to produce and assess.

Lengthy bank compliance for the onboarding of new clients and the monitoring of their bank activities.

Accoplus is an experienced Hong Kong Trust and Corporate Services Provider, knowing how to navigate through new laws and regulations. With a limited number of clients and personalized services Accoplus is guiding clients with effectives solutions.

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