Hong Kong Bank Account

Hong Kong Bank Account : 4 essential information

Our area of expertise is focused on opening bank accounts in Hong Kong : This is our legacy.

Our Chief Executive is a qualified Anti-Money Laundering Expert, and we have, over the years, been able to establish close partnerships with reputable banks in Hong Kong.

Lately, there have been some changes in Hong Kong bank account procedures, but we’ve been able to help clients meet the local and international requirements.

In order to help you to open a Hong Kong bank account, contact us and give us the following basic information:

  1. Your citizenship and country of residence
  2. The business you’re engaged in with clear description of the products or services you’re offering
  3. The expected geographical area of your targeted customers and suppliers
  4. Your estimated yearly income

Opening a bank account in Hong Kong for companies such as e-commerce, consultants, digital marketing and IT related services is our strength (success rate of 99%).

Why we’re the best to help you open your Hong Kong bank account?

We’re based out of Hong Kong and have a registered office in Hong Kong; we are very familiar with the banks and partner with a few of them.

We are abreast with the Hong Kong bank account opening requirements

We can expertly advice you on the information and documents you need to provide to get your Hong Kong bank account opened.

We know the banks that accept and are best for certain nationalities or business types.

At the beginning of our relationship with a client, we open a file on the client detailing his personal information, his business information and other important information. This is known as a Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance file and greatly aids your bank account opening process with a Hong Kong bank.

If your nationality or country of residence or business activity is not acceptable to any bank in Hong Kong and, because of this, it is impossible to open a Hong Kong bank account, we will NOT take you as a customer, so we don’t waste your time and money without achieving results.

We have more integrity than our competitors as we ensure that only credible customers are introduced to the banks, this with the customers’ fully verified KYC compliance documents.

99% of the time, we succeed in helping clients open bank accounts in Hong Kong

Don’t waste your money and time by trying to do it yourself or using quacks. Contact Us and let’s get started on your bank account opening process!

We provide quick and correct answers to any question on opening a Hong Kong bank account

Hong Kong bank account opening meeting

Any shareholder that holds above 20% of the shares in your company is required to attend the bank account opening interview.

We will get all the relevant documents ready before the meeting, so that the officials will already have gone through your compliance documents and will only ask you a few direct questions

Companies that Hong Kong banks accept for corporate bank accounts 

Banks in Hong Kong generally accept companies incorporated in Hong Kong, Seychelles and Samoa. Depending on your citizenship, residential country and business model, a Hong Kong bank may refuse your bank account opening application, especially when you’re not using a company registered in Hong Kong.

Banks in Hong Kong generally reject account opening applications to companies created in Belize, UAE, Panama, BVI etc…

Requirements for Opening a Hong Kong bank account 

The KYC compliance documents are prepared by specialists. If you decide to this on your own or with an unspecialized agency, you stand a good chance of being rejected (as at March 2016, the rate of rejection was up to70%) You certainly need an expert to help you get this done, so you can avoid costly mistakes and have your application thrown out.

Nonresident banking in Hong Kong

Hong Kong authorities generally allow foreigners to freely do business in Hong Kong. However, citizens and residents of some countries may encounter tougher bank account opening procedures in Hong Kong (enhanced due diligence).

We are always abreast with Hong Kong banks’ account opening eligibility requirements for nonresidents.

Majority of information found on the internet are outdated or totally incorrect

Privacy – confidentiality of a bank account in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a signatory to the Automatic Exchange of Information (AEIO) and has started implementing the Common Reporting Standard (CRS). However, so your privacy and confidentiality is safe to the extent that your Hong Kong bank will not automatically transfer your banking details to your residential country. Please note that Hong-Kong signed the CRS with United Kingdom and Japan (= data exchange between these countries).

On our own part, we have been engaged in the business of opening offshore bank accounts in several countries and are very mindful of the privacy, security and confidentiality of our clients. We, at all times, strive to protect this vital aspect of our business and keep our clients safe and secure.