Hong Kong bank details

Hong Kong bank details

In order to transfer funds to an individual or a company the Hong Kong banks details should be completed as follow.

Account holder name: Example limited

Account holder address: 33 F. imaginary building, 99 example road, district, Hong Kong

(Hong Kong doesn’t have postal code)

Account number:

The account number in Hong Kong is composed of 9 to 12 digits, the first 3 being the branch code.

account number in Hong Kong should look like this :  123-456789-111

SWIFT code: Hong Kong doesn’t’ use IBAN

Hong Kong bank details are easy to complete, the SWIFT code can’t be found by googling the Financial intuition name and location.

There is no reason to provide your Hong Kong bank details, except of course on an invoice, you should protect your information and be aware of potential scams.


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