Hong Kong 2022

Complex structures, ultimate beneficial owner living in a high tax country, immaterial businesses or unusual business models: banks are now often rejecting the bank account opening or terminating existing relationships.

In front of this situation, we have developed a specific bank introduction service supported by a rigorous compliance process.

Our team will conduct an enhanced due diligence with the client collaboration, the Open-Source INTelligence (OSINT) and the support of AML databases.

This process is supervised by a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS). This very specific method allows us to open successfully bank accounts for our clients at TIER 1 banks.

Accoplus is also introducing clients to Fintech’s, only when the client is using a Hong Kong Company and after the same due diligence than for traditional banking.

10 years of experience / in-house Hong Kong team / no fake promises.

Enhanced Due Diligence

Since 2012, we been able to establish close relationships with reputable banks in Hong Kong.

In order to receive a free assessment about your opportunities to open a corporate bank account in Hong Kong we should obtain from the company beneficial owner(s) some information:

Accoplus will conduct a short free of charge assessment and inform you about your realistic chances to succeed.

Opening a bank account in Hong Kong for companies such as e-commerce, consultants, digital marketing and IT related services is our definitive strength.

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