Hong Kong

Bank acceptance is becoming a real issue with banks worldwide de-risking their clients for various reasons.

Complex structures, ultimate beneficial owner living in a high tax country, immaterial businesses or unusual business models: banks are now often rejecting the bank account opening or terminating existing relationships.

In front of this situation, we have developed a specific bank introduction service supported by a rigorous compliance process.

Our team will conduct an enhanced due diligence with the client collaboration, the Open-Source INTelligence (OSINT) and the support of AML databases.

This process is supervised by a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS). This very specific method allows us to open successfully bank accounts for our clients at TIER 1 banks.

Accoplus is not introducing clients to Fintech, with us a Hong Kong company will bank in Hong Kong and we will not suggest another jurisdiction as per a potential impact on the company tax residence but also on the company credibility.

Enhanced Due Diligence

Since 2012, we been able to establish close relationships with reputable banks in Hong Kong.

In order to receive a free assessment about your opportunities to open a corporate bank account in Hong Kong we should obtain from the company beneficial owner(s) some information:

Accoplus will conduct a short free of charge assessment and inform you about your realistic chances to succeed.

Opening a bank account in Hong Kong for companies such as e-commerce, consultants, digital marketing and IT related services is our definitive strength.