Incorporate New Hong-Kong Company

A tailor-made solution from Hong-Kong

Would you like to send a down-payment to a company with a capital of 1 USD?

Do believe that a small company has its address in the most expensive office tower of Hong-Kong ?

Paying attention to details during the incorporation of a Hong Kong Company is a MUST : we do not sell green boxes with a company chop, we create tailor-made solutions with a proper understanding of your business models and needs.

Having specialists as advisors to mix and match local requirements with International needs will pave the way of your success.

At a time when banks are rejecting many bank account opening applications, the selection of a reputable company services provider to act as your company secretary is a key factor.

The documents of a Hong-Kong company are publicly available online for a small fee : your clients and competitors, your employees and tax authorities are very well aware of this.

Get personalized advices by experimented local experts.


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