International Business Company

The perfect path to the bank acceptance

An International Business Company, or IBC, is commonly used as a specific vehicle to channel investments, or to trade, with inexistent or very limited tax impact.

Mostly located in offshore centers with low or inexistent access to the register of directors and shareholders, an IBC is publicly decried as a tool for malpractices and criminal activities.

Despite a bad public reputation, an International Business Company is still part of many concepts for assets and privacy protection.

The bank acceptance is clearly becoming the main issue : many banks are rejecting bank account openings or are terminating existing accounts because of the AML controls over tax evasion.

Using an International Business Company for a proper structuration should be assessed with the support of specialists understanding the selected bank risk appetite, as we are.

We perfectly understand what a Hong Kong, Macau or a Singapore bank will accept or reject

Accoplus is managed by a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist, so we benefit from the right consideration of a limited number of Financial Institutions.

Moreover, because of our rigorous process, we are able to find tailor-made banking solutions for IBC companies.