Key Individuals

Accoplus is an alliance of personalities and experiences, a small group of experts sharing the same values, one of them being the CONFIDENTIALITY.

For this reason, we believe that displaying names and pictures on a website isn’t adequate, we are sometime acting as directors and our clients aren’t willing to see a simple google search revealing that the company director is a professional rendering services for few companies.

Accoplus company director

He’s a Swiss entrepreneur living in Hong Kong for the last 20 years, serial investor he benefits from an extensive network and is only acting on very complex situations.

Accoplus managing director

She’s Mainland Chinese and obtained a French diploma in accounting. In 4 languages she answers questions and solves issues, running the company with a rare effectiveness.

Accoplus head of compliance

He’s a Filipino with his entire career as a compliance expert, he reads between the lines and team up to find solutions. Continuously acquiring new experiences.

Accoplus company secretary

Hong Kong lady with extensive company secretary in Hong Kong and abroad.

Accoplus accounting team

A small team of tax experts guiding the auditors and delivering monthly P&L to selected clients.

The “Essential” others

Are dedicated talents, hand-picked and monitored with care.