Macau is offering an interesting selection of Chinese banks and Portuguese’s financial institutions. From banks with an International presence to smaller actors with ties in Europe and, because of the Portuguese history, in Africa.

Most of the bank are still accepting the opening of personal account for the directors and shareholders of Companies banking with them.

Opening a bank account in Macau is requiring the use of a local company. As a matter of fact, Macau’s banks are very reluctant to open bank accounts for companies from foreign jurisdictions.

Macau banks are rejecting payments from and to Dubai and although known from long for a relaxed compliance process the situation changed drastically two years ago.
Opening a bank account in Macau for a Macau company is still a good option as the city is not considered as an offshore destination.

The presence of the director and shareholder is a must for the bank interview.

Operating a Macau Company is much more expensive than Hong Kong or Singapore.

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