Nominee Director

Because of the Hong Kong company registry public access, the use of a Nominee Director is an additional privacy and business confidentiality protection.

It’s the Nominee Director has no professional capacities and activities for the Company his/her presence will not suffice to obtain a Hong Kong Tax Residence Certificate, so the preference of many for a Director with economic substance.

Nevertheless, for Special Purpose Vehicles and /or for companies with low activities where there is no tax substance consideration the solution remains interesting.

The notion of Non-Executive Director, a politically correct description of Nominee director in the offshore world is de facto a bit problematic.

A Director with or without nominee agreement has the same legal responsibilities, the indemnify will protect him/her only to a certain extent. So, the importance of the compliance and the relative difficulties for the company banking relations.

We have individual or corporate nominee solutions, for directors and shareholders.

Accoplus is offering nominee services only to a very limited number of clients, after enhanced due diligence.