Onboarding of Existing Companies

We regularly onboard existing companies following requests from professional intermediaries, law firms and colleagues abroad.

No meddling guarantee: we are bound by confidentiality and business ethic, if a beneficial owner is requesting additional services, we’ll refer the case to the trusted professional intermediary.

The amplitude of our services and particularly our experience with bank compliance, tax substance, tax investigations, cross-border and complex structuration are supporting the decision to change of company secretary in favour of Accoplus.

Changing Corporate Service Provider is a swift process with little to no disturbance.

Most of Corporate Services Providers are offering initial low cost company formation and then reveal hidden fees and inflated prices on accounting and audit arrangements or for other services.

With the current economic environment, it’s a good timing to compare costs and services.

For an inferior or comparable cost Accoplus will provide a superior quality of services and advices.


Check our Onboarding of Existing Companies offer!