August 12, 2020

Where to open a bank account a distance?

The difficulty to even plan for a next trip is considerably impacting new ventures, to open a bank account at distance is sometimes the only solution.

Because of the strict anti-money laundering rules only few banks are offering such services, the situation is impacting the business of corporate services providers and confuse the industry.

We believe offering an account with a Fintech isn’t the best solution, many for the new account holder especially with drastic limitations on amounts for cross-borders exchanges.

Banks accepting to open a bank account at distance, for a Hong Kong company, are located in:

  • Singapore,
  • Mauritius,
  • Switzerland.

Hong Kong banks are not offering the same opportunity and are losing market shares rapidly for these new ventures.

A new company willing to open a bank account at distance is most of the time active in e-commerce and online marketing, these companies are high growth or are disappearing fast.

With a expertise in e-businesses Accoplus delivers perfect compliance reports and promising clients to a short selection of banks. Bank account opening will be completed with the same process than traditional on-boarding, only the last meeting to be held by video conference instead of physically at the bank.

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