Our company secretary services in Hong Kong 

Our company secretary services in Hong Kong 

According to Hong Kong Companies Ordinance section 154, all companies incorporated within its jurisdiction must have a company secretary. The people who can serve as company secretaries include one of its directors, any Hong Kong resident, or a registered body with offices in Hong Kong.

To get more from your company secretary, experts in business recommend the use of a registered body/agency. For many years, we have perfected our company secretary services in Hong Kong to ensure that all clients get the best and expand as fast as possible to the entire Chinese and Far East Market. 

What you can expect from our company secretary services in Hong Kong ?

Our operations are anchored in the desire to see every company that wants to enter Hong Kong find the process easy and convenient. In line with the Hong Kong company ordinance, here is what you should expect from us.

  1. Ensuring that your company’s statutory books are managed and kept well. These include the registers of all the company’s directors and shareholders.
  2. We organize and witness the meetings of shareholders and directors. Besides this, we take the minutes of these meetings to ensure that every recommendation is implemented.
  3. In line with the Internal Revenue Department requirements, we help to prepare and file the company’s annual returns.
  4. We will also oversee the alternation of the company directors or secretary for smooth operations of the company.
  5. We facilitate the transfer of shares or allotment.
  6. We facilitate, follow, and ensure your change of company name takes place smoothly without affecting the company operations.
  7. We drive the process of changing the company’s registered address.
  8. We ensure that all the company operations are in line with the law. This includes following with legal changes to ensure that the company is always on the right side of the law.

Why you should contract us to serve as your company secretary ?

Our company secretary services in Hong Kong have been outstanding because of commitment and professionalism. We are determined to advance the Hong Kong administration’s focus on anchoring a business economy through supporting company establishment and operations. Here is why you should consider contracting us.

We have a proven record of top performance 

Since we started operations, the agency has a proven record of top performance in all the companies that we served as secretary. None of them have had an issue with the administration because we are always there to advise, guide, and inform their policies.

We are more affordable 

We ensure that we offer our services at a more affordable rate. From the secretary services to advisory roles, we ensure that everything is affordable to all clients.

To us, it is not about what you pay, but the services you get. If your company will not be very busy, we can even organize sharing of some facilities such as office address to ensure that the costs remain as low as possible.

We go to great length to ensure you get the best results 

For us, we will go to any length in ensuring that your new company gets the best results.

We will see your businesses grow to become fortresses in Hong Kong and beyond.

It is this type of experience that we will bring to your company to make it equally successful in Hong Kong and beyond. Reach us today to follow on success stories of other companies and make your business a success case study.

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