Our services to support your tax substance

Providing legal and operational local director

  • Hong Kong permanent resident with extensive business exposure, fellow member of the Hong Kong Institute of Directors. Other personalities are available depending on the business activities.
  • Capable of formulating strategic policies, determining the business direction and taking an active part in the company management.

Providing administrative local staff

  • Part-time or full time employees directly attached to the company or using the substance of a local third party

Obtaining and maintaining corporate bank account

  • Principal banker in Hong Kong, onboarding compliance for SPV and complex structuration


Arranging shareholders meetings

  • Signatures on contracts, minutes and resolutions
  • Company secretary services

Arranging office rental

  • With telephone and fax lines, office equipment etc.. or
  • Outsourcing costs for office operation with local partner

Assistance in substance creation

  • Licensing and trading to the subsidiaries
  • Registration of patents and trademarks
  • Redirection of business and financial flows

You could also use the tax substance of a third party for holding, licensing or lending under a service agreement.