Protect your Art Collections in Switzerland

Switzerland is the safest location to protect your Art Collections and has developed for many years multiples services specific for Art Collectors.

The Swiss confidentiality and respect for privacy is not only based on laws and regulations, it’s a part of the Swiss education, a moral obligation, the essence of the country.

The Swiss security is a well-known concept, the country has an army and a system of defence which is a repellent to invasion or simply to organized criminality, it’s a location of choice to protect the wealth.

Three concepts should retain the attention of Art collectors: 

The services for Art Collectors are to be provided after due compliance by a recognized expert, with years of experiences and credibility trading along and amongst the different market’s actors.

The skills and knowledge should be complemented by the right personality to enable the delicate understanding of what the clients are willing to purchase, collect and protect.

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