Selecting the Best Company Registration Agency When Incorporating a Business in Hong Kong

Selecting the Best Company Registration Agency When Incorporating a Business in Hong Kong

The colonial authorities that ruled Hong Kong until 1997 had one impact that has shaped the jurisdiction up to date; helping it to craft its path. While it operates as a Special Administrative Region of China, there is a lot if independence especially on administrative issues. To put it differently, Hong Kong is a fully independent jurisdiction except on military and political administration.

As an entrepreneur, taking the business to Hong Kong means that you start by incorporating it as a company. The process involves preparing the documents outlined in the companies’ ordinance, and presenting them to the registry. While this can be done by the investor alone, the better route is using an agency.

Agencies are professional firms that are run by experts. They have a lot of experience and will assist in crafting winning documents and getting the job done faster. However, you will have to start by getting the best agency. Here are some great tips to use when selecting an agency.

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Tips to help you pick the best company registration services

Look for an agency that has been on the market for long 

The best agency to go to is the one that has been in the Hong Kong market for many years. This means that the agency has seen other companies grow and can also tell the strategies that will not work. The agency will help you to appreciate the right methods to apply for faster growth.

Only use the agency with experience in assisting offshore clients

Before you contract an agency, take a closer review to determine how successful it is in assisting previous companies. You can follow even closer to look at the companies that were assisted by the agency. If they are successful, you can also anticipate being equally successful.

Only use the agency with highly qualified staff

An agency is as good as the professionals working in it. You need to identify an agency that employs experts in different areas of business operations. For example, the agency should have professionals in tax matters, company registration, marketing, and human resources among others.

Get an agency that will assist with bank account opening 

Though the main target is getting the company registered, the selected agency should also assist with bank account opening. After Hong Kong passed the CRS framework, it has become very difficult to open a bank account. The best agency should be with you when opening a bank account to ensure the best procedure is followed and the account is opened with ease.

Good agencies do not leave before the job is done

While the contractual agreement might be limited to only a short time, the best agency should be especially committed to getting the job done. You need to gauge this commitment carefully and even have it put down in writing.

The company registration services Hong Kong guarantees entrepreneurs of faster and professional assistance during the incorporation process. However, it is only the agency that commits to assisting more in the early stages of operation that should be contracted. If you get it right with the agency of choice, rest assured of faster growth and success.

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