Swiss Gold Coins

Switzerland has a long history with Gold coins and numismatic interests. 

Swiss Gold brokers are offering the purchase of coins in 24 carats (999.9 gold) with a prime of 6 to 8%, meaning that the coins will cost around 6 to 8% more of their gold weight value.

One advantage of this system is the possibility to collect, and to compose a collection, diversifying what is both an investment (with the related obvious risks) and a collection interest.

The main advantage promoted by Helvetia coin brokers is that when the collection has been organized by professionals with coins well valued and part of limited series it would be easier to sell the collected coins for their weight gold value.

Swiss gold brokers are in addition to their extensive experience and international network also benefiting from Switzerland as a very secured location to store collections of valuable items.

Also, Swiss Gold brokers could arrange deliveries to and between freeports locations.

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