Swiss Residency

Enjoying the Swiss quality of life and obtaining residency with tax advantages is still possible.

The forfait regime is allowing foreign nationals to establish in Switzerland and to pay taxes based on their worldwide expenditures. To oversimplify: the renting value of your property will be multiplied by seven, with a minimum of USD 400,000 yearly value, and your taxable income will only be this lump-sum taxation arrangement.

This forfait taxation arrangement will necessitate to structure pre-immigration all businesses and sources of income, working from Switzerland is forbidden and the use of Trusts or similar arrangements is the norm.

Switzerland is a very strict and well-organized country, a destination of choice for the quality of life, the security, the excellence of its schools and hospitals. Obtaining a residency is in contrary of other possible destinations a decision demanding a real engagement.

We developed friendships with local professionals and an efficient network in the French speaking part of Switzerland where we could assist clients fully.

The process will start with an enhanced compliance process to understand and demonstrate the business activities and to prepare a pre-immigration review, restructuring if necessary, some activities /entities and securing your tax position on the long term.

Our Swiss Director will support with the help of Swiss legal professionals the selection of a residence adapted to your tax situation, activities and family environment, paving the way for a successful immigration.

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