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Hong Kong bank details

In order to transfer funds to an individual or a company the Hong Kong banks details should be completed as follow.

Account holder name: Example limited

Account holder address: 33 F. imaginary building, 99 example road, district, Hong Kong

(Hong Kong doesn’t have postal code)

Account number:

The account number in Hong Kong is composed of 9 to 12 digits, the first 3 being the branch code.

account number in Hong Kong should look like this :  123-456789-111

SWIFT code: Hong Kong doesn’t’ use IBAN

Hong Kong bank details are easy to complete, the SWIFT code can’t be found by googling the Financial intuition name and location.

There is no reason to provide your Hong Kong bank details, except of course on an invoice, you should protect your information and be aware of potential scams.

Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting Experts to Assist You Grow a Business Globally

Dec 19, 2018

Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting Experts to Assist You Grow a Business Globally

Business experts are professionals who help your business approach operations differently for success. They add the vigour that the enterprise needs to catapult to success. If you take a look at the top multinationals such as Apple Inc and Alibaba, the bulk of their strategies are crafted by experts.

To use expert services when seeking to expand business abroad, the starting point is hiring the right professionals. The following are the key mistakes to avoid when hiring experts to assist your offshore business to grow to the next level.

Using family members to simply cut on cost

Many are the times when you will get businesses hiring family members to act as experts. While the members can still deliver good results if they are professionals in respective areas, the idea can be very wrong if the objective is cutting cost.

In many cases, family member will rarely see the business differently. Therefore, it will be difficult to introduce a new perspective that can help the business follow the hard but the right route to success. Instead of using family members, go for professionals with proven skills in secretary services such as offshore business incorporation and tax matters.

Not introducing the experts early enough in the business cycle

When you introduce an expert into a business, it is important to optimize their services for higher monetary value. This will be very difficult to achieve if you fail to contract the business expert early enough into the business cycle.

The focus should be getting the right business professionals to assist the enterprise even before starting the operations. Consider identifying an expert early enough to assist the business with the following important tasks:

To get more from the expert, it is advisable to identify the one who can help in multiple areas. For example, consider identifying a professional who can help with company incorporation abroad, drawing reliable marketing strategies, and creating the right operational structure.

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