Investment in China and HK offshore structure: What you need to know

A closer look at the Chinese foreign investment reveals that Hong Kong is the largest foreign investor. Many people might ask why Hong Kong?

Apart from holding an offshore structure (SPV), easier equity transfer, sound financial access, and supportive regimes, Hong Kong is preferred because of its income tax treatment of Hong Kong companies in Mainland China. Here are other things that you need to know about investment in China and HK offshore structure.  Read More

Political risk is everywhere: We have a solution for you

The greatest threat to your savings is not the market forces, but the government (political risk). More governments are sinking deeper into insolvency and adopting helpless measures only used in history. Because of this, the song of bail-ins, taxes on deposits, nationalization of retirement savings, and capital controls in Cyprus, Spain, Iceland, Hungary, Portugal, and Argentina are expected to become the normRead More