Hong Kong Company Registration Search

Hong Kong Company information are publicly available with a simple registration search.

Forget about business confidentiality and privacy, we live in a new era of transparency and everybody could access information.

A Hong Kong Company registration search will reveal the director(s) name and addresses with their passports number.

A Hong Kong Company registration name will also reveal the shareholders names, addresses, passports numbers, corporate shareholders names and addresses as well as additional information about the capital and the number of shares.

To access information about a Hong Kong Company you should go online and pay a small fee, at least not all the information are available free of charge as it is the case for the UK company house.

Less to say a small fee will not be a constraint to unwanted curiosity so how to protect you personal information ?

A ) by using Hong Kong nominee director services

B) by using Hong Kong nominee shareholder services

Hong Kong Company registration search could be performed on https://www.cr.gov.hk/

Hong Kong nominee director services are facing some reluctance by the banks during the onboarding process, the reasons behind privacy needs should be explained in details and the financial institution should be convinced of the treat created by a public exposure.

Hong Kong nominee shareholders services don’t pose the same issues when banking in Hong Kong, its a more common situation.

3 Crucial Things to Think About When Taking a Business Abroad 

Dec 19, 2018

3 Crucial Things to Think About When Taking a Business Abroad

Every investor out there dreams of one thing; growing the enterprise into a multinational. But this is a long journey that requires clear understanding and planning of every step. Business administration experts insist that growing business cannot happen by chance.

Even when the environment is favourable, entrepreneurs have to carefully strategize to optimize profits and keep growing to the next step. The following are the four most important things to think about when planning to take your business offshore.

Business Trip

Providing Legal And Operational Local Director​

The first step to growing your business abroad is offshore company incorporation. The targeted country will have a set of rules that enterprises can use to register businesses and start operations.

In many jurisdictions such as Hong Kong and Singapore, investors can register businesses on their own by preparing the required document. However, this can be lengthy and expensive because you will be required to fly to the target jurisdiction to apply.

The alternative that many investors consider reliable is using company registration services through agencies. Agencies are professional entities allowed to help register businesses on behalf of investors. They help with documents preparation and file them on your behalf to make the process easy and fast.

Offshore bank account opening

Once the offshore company has been registered, it will need a bank account to start operating. It is important to use secretary services when opening a bank account to make it successful with the first attempt.

Many banks have become extra stringent and opening a bank account is no longer an easy task. However, the experts will help you to get the required documents and raise the chances of getting the bank account by more than 99%.

The operational costs

There is no denying it, taking a business offshore will have to involve some cost. From the process of incorporating the business to acquiring an office, you will have to foot the bill.

The best way to go about this is ensuring that you can cover all the costs for about one year before the business can start meeting the expenses.

Selecting the Best Company Registration Agency When Incorporating a Business in Hong Kong

The colonial authorities that ruled Hong Kong until 1997 had one impact that has shaped the jurisdiction up to date; helping it to craft its path. While it operates as a Special Administrative Region of China, there is a lot if independence especially on administrative issues. To put it differently, Hong Kong is a fully independent jurisdiction except on military and political administration. Read More