Everything You Need To Know About Company Secretary

Incorporating a company in Hong Kong is one of the greatest decisions that an investor can make. The jurisdiction is very attractive to investors because of the stable political system, stable financial sector, subtle tax regime, and support from the government.

To incorporate a company, one of the most important requirements is a company secretary. Here is everything investors need to know about company secretary. Read More

The 4 Most Important Duties of a Company Secretary 

The best leverage you can give to a business when targeting to expand into the Far East is identifying the most potential entry market. A closer look will reveal one most outstanding economy; Hong Kong. For a full century, Hong Kong developed roots of an independent territory and further blossomed to become a business driven economy. Why Hong Kong and not others?  Read More

Our company secretary services in Hong Kong 

According to Hong Kong Companies Ordinance section 154, all companies incorporated within its jurisdiction must have a company secretary. The people who can serve as company secretaries include one of its directors, any Hong Kong resident, or a registered body with offices in Hong Kong.

To get more from your company secretary, experts in business recommend the use of a registered body/agency. For many years, we have perfected our company secretary services in Hong Kong to ensure that all clients get the best and expand as fast as possible to the entire Chinese and Far East Market.  Read More

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