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Hong Kong Company Registration Search

Hong Kong Company information are publicly available with a simple registration search.

Forget about business confidentiality and privacy, we live in a new era of transparency and everybody could access information.

A Hong Kong Company registration search will reveal the director(s) name and addresses with their passports number.

A Hong Kong Company registration name will also reveal the shareholders names, addresses, passports numbers, corporate shareholders names and addresses as well as additional information about the capital and the number of shares.

To access information about a Hong Kong Company you should go online and pay a small fee, at least not all the information are available free of charge as it is the case for the UK company house.

Less to say a small fee will not be a constraint to unwanted curiosity so how to protect you personal information ?

A ) by using Hong Kong nominee director services

B) by using Hong Kong nominee shareholder services

Hong Kong Company registration search could be performed on https://www.cr.gov.hk/

Hong Kong nominee director services are facing some reluctance by the banks during the onboarding process, the reasons behind privacy needs should be explained in details and the financial institution should be convinced of the treat created by a public exposure.

Hong Kong nominee shareholders services don’t pose the same issues when banking in Hong Kong, its a more common situation.

Hong Kong Director Nominee Services​

August 3, 2020

Hong Kong Director Nominee Services

Protecting confidentiality has always been part of the services provided to international entrepreneurs. Suspicions have arose because of this additional layer of privacy but this is not obviously taking into account the fact that financial institutions are informed about such arrangement.

Hong Kong nominee director services are not protecting criminals , the bank compliance is enhanced when the presence of a nominee director is disclosed and this is considered a a red flag during the compliance process.

Nominee director services in hong kong are not legally to be understood as an exemption of responsibilities and liabilities for the nominee director. A company director in hong kong has important responsibilities and will not be exonerated by a nominee agreement.

A hong kong nominee director accepting such mandate too easily is definitively something that should question his professionalism as the nominee director exposure is a crucial factor.

Before accepting a hong kong nominee director position a full and enhanced compliance process as well as an indemnify agreement should take place.

For the client of hong kong nominee director services the main task will be to understand the director profile and experience, his internet exposure to identify potential reputational issues and the absence of conflict of interests