Benefit of a Mauritius offshore bank account

Apart from being a tourist destination, Mauritius is an island nation that is well known in the global offshore scene. The country has been the primary destinations of global entrepreneurs, business and companies since the Mauritius offshore bank account industry is rather welcoming compared to other offshore countries.

Practically speaking, entrepreneurs and companies can easily open a Mauritius offshore bank account because of its improved banking laws and superior banking sector. The on-boarding procedure in itself is not too complicated and is very accommodating global entrepreneurs who are in need of global solutions to their problems.

We may well inform you that incorporating a company and opening a Mauritius offshore bank account are but some of our biggest strengths as a bank introductory firm and intermediary. When we accompany you in the process, your chances are incrementally increased as we move forward, sealing your chances of approval in a much higher possibility.

Here are some of the most attractive features and benefits that a bank account holder in Mauritius can enjoy:

Optimized Banking Security & Protection

A Mauritius offshore bank account is well protected and secured in terms of keeping your wealth and assets safe. Deposits in the country are assured to not be disturbed by political or economic downturns unlike other jurisdictions. Online banking in Mauritius is very good, you can easily access your funds, make payments and receive profits anytime and anywhere. Perhaps its most attractive feature is with regards to confidentiality, wherein Mauritius itself has a strict policy on bank secrecy.

    Mauritius offshore bank account

    High Interest Rates

    Account holders in Mauritius can also benefit from high interest rates if compared directly with other offshore countries. This is very appealing to entrepreneurs who intend to maintain a hedge of their wealth and assets without having to worry about other things.

    Global Investment Opportunities

    Mauritius is a global offshore jurisdiction, with ties with multiple countries around the globe. Hence, investment opportunities are readily offered and available in banks of your choosing in the country. Clients of these banks would enjoy an access to investment fund managers and other investment firms that are secured and legitimate. Once you have an offshore bank account in Mauritius, you can easily tap on this financial facility and diversity your wealth and assets smartly through investment opportunities.

    Tax Optimization

    It is innate for offshore jurisdiction to benefit from tax reductions or exemptions. This fact is particularly true in Mauritius. Offshore banking in the country can open doors for any entrepreneur and account holder to seek tax reliefs through deposits, investments and savings with no worries on tax implications on their actions. This kinds of benefits can never be enjoyed if you are dealing with your country of origin where your tax residency is located at due to its high tax schemes to citizens. By the way, charges on bank account related transactions are very minimal since Mauritius has one of the cheapest maintenance cost compared to other offshore nations.

    Easy Global Access

    Mauritius bank account holders are given a unique advantage of having a technologically advance offshore online banking that makes it easy to access your bank account through telephone banking, mobile banking, and internet banking. Through this, you can easily access the funds in your bank account in the convenience of your home country or any parts of the globe. This way you can properly monitor the movements of your wealth and assets so that you can keep track on your financial standing on a need be basis without any hassles.

    How we can help you

    Our team of experts are ready to accommodate your request if you want to incorporate a company and open bank account in Mauritius. For years, we have been navigating through the banking and regulatory laws of the country, and we can ensure that the process will be quick, smooth, confidential and worriless if you obtain our bank introductory services in Mauritius. Once you become our client, you will benefit from an extensive ground up approach so that we can support and provide assistance to you in matters relating to your company incorporation or bank account opening application.

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