Changing a Company Secretary in Hong Kong

company secretary in Hong Kong

If you are looking to appoint a Company Secretary in Hong Kong or you already have one but is not satisfied with their current services, well we do have the solution for you.

Having a credible Company Secretary is very important in Hong Kong, most especially for your company in Hong Kong. Since your Company Secretary is a direct representation of your company with the government and has a responsibility of ensuring that you are compliant with your annual filings. Its role is indispensable considering there’s a lot at stake if the functions of a company secretary is not performed well at a level that is at par with standards.

Good thing we provide our clients with Company Secretarial services that promotes confidentiality and proper disposition of functions that is focused in providing a service that assures that compliance is met without any issues.

Roles of a Company Secretary

You might be interested to know that the role of a company secretary is not just allocated for government compliance, in fact here are some of their most important roles.

  • Direct participation in the incorporation process in Hong Kong
  • Handling transfer of shares as well as issuance
  • Monitoring on any updating of laws and regulations pertaining to regulatory compliance of the company. Making sure that the company’s need is at par with the new laws if applicable
  • Convene with lawyers and auditors for compliance purposes
  • Filing and handling of annual return of the company
  • Handle de-registration procedures for the company
  • Maintenance of company records on changes to directorships
  • Provide a registered HK office for correspondences with the HK government
  • Provide assistance in cases of bankruptcy or liquidation
  • Take charge of mandatory corporate compliance or issues

Generally, the function of the company secretary in Hong Kong is actually focused on being the intermediary between the company and the government. Which makes it more imperative to have a competent once in place. Incompetence in the performance of being a Company Secretary can result to delayed compliance and filings with the government, which could potentially lead to unwanted penalties and a bad record for the company. If you are having a hard time with your current service provider, then it is probably time to reconsider and be open for changes.

Common signs of a terrible company secretary

We have compiled some tell-tale signs that you have a terrible company secretary in your company and its time to change before it affects your company record and compliance. This is due to a careless service that only cares about the payment being made on their side without due regard if the service that they provide is something worth it.

Here’s some reasons why you need a change your company secretary asap:

  • Communication is not prioritized and sluggish. Sometimes, there’s no communication at all even with repeated reminders, leading to a compromise government compliance.
  • Providing vague or immaterial advice that leads you to being uniformed and suffer compliance risks.
  • Incompetent in responding to your requests or inquiries, or does not respond at all when you need an advice in emergency situations.
  • Their manner of doing business with you is going nowhere and their advice and performance are not sufficient to keep you compliant with your regulatory obligations making you more open to onboarding problems with your future filings and vulnerable to penalties or worst cases being filed due to oblivious filings.
  • You constantly suffer disappointment due to the fact that they do not meet your needs as a company.

Changing your company secretary

If you feel that after evaluating your current situation that you need an urgent change to your company secretary, here are some things that you can do to make it formal on record. Once you are ready to being the process we will check if your compliance is up to date and if your company has some issues with it. We will also check if and inform you on what has to be done and all you have to do is keep track on this and we will do the rest for you.

  • Submit a request for our status as your Company Secretary
  • Provide us your company details, so that we can already check if your company has compliance issues and we will do this through an audit type of checking to ensure that everything is in place. If not, we will do whatever is legally possible to update your filings.
  • Once you allow us as your company secretary, we will then proceed in processing the changing of your company secretary on your company records and take charge of the filing to make our appointment official. All you have to do is approve and sign the necessary documents to formalized our engagement. This process can be done digitally or otherwise.

Contact us now if you want to appoint us as your company secretary.

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