What you need to know about an offshore SPV in Hong Kong 

SPV (special purpose vehicles) are subsidiaries that are registered with the main purpose of securing assets of the mother company if it faces serious risks such as Bankruptcy. In Hong Kong, SPVs can be fully incorporated companies, trustees, or partnership.

The SPV can also be formed to assist businesses seek funds for the parent companies without adding unnecessary risks. This operation has been a huge attraction for SPVs coming to Hong Kong because they can enjoy advantages of specific tax as well as foreign exchange special treatment. In this post, we bring you everything that you need to know about offshore SPV.  Read More

Want to optimize your SPV investment? Make sure to use the right agency 

When companies want to invest abroad, one of the best options is using SPVs because they cushion investors. Since an SPV investment is considered a different entity, its operations are different and off the book to protect assets of investors from the parent company in case of insolvency.

How can you optimize SPV investment? In this post, we bring you four most useful ways that an agency can help you to optimize special purpose vehicle investment.  Read More

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