Tax Free: What about digital nomads?

Tax Free: What about digital nomads?

Technology has advanced so much today and is now enabling people to live anywhere in the globe while staying connected and communicating well and profitably. A digital nomad is a person who utilizes the concept of using technology to communicate, to live in areas he/she considers best or shifting from one location to another.

Though the concept is relatively new, many people who make money online or operate remotely find the concept of digital nomads very appealing. The main benefit of a nomad lifestyle is that you live on your own terms.

Digital nomads go and live where they enjoy most 

Even as most governments in the West do everything to control their citizens and make them live in a certain way, pay a lot of taxes to buttress their economies, you do not have to stay loyal if you are not pleased with the system.

Why not take an opportunity of shifting to a nation that treats you in the best way possible and anchors your ambition in business? This is a country that values you, protects your money, have low tax (or none) and hospitable people.

However, many people are unable to take this kind of opportunity because of work, family, home ownership ambitions, or simply stay restricted in their own country.

If you are among the fast growing number of people with greater freedom of movement, all you need is a good internet connection to enjoy this freedom and thrill.

The case of a digital nomad enjoying the freedom and showing 

One person who appreciates this type of lifestyle is Robert Sladek.  Though he was born in Czech, he travels everywhere, runs a business from any country, and is now helping others to adopt the same lifestyle.

Being one of the pioneers of the nomadic lifestyle, Robert had to craft ways of doing things. He started forming relationships and tested the idea with his businesses to establish the profitability of the lifestyle.

He expresses that after getting the roadmap, he is now assisting others to follow the same footsteps. Here, it is not about making a lot of profits from others, but assisting people who love to enjoy tax-free lifestyles live on their own terms.

You can also live a nomad lifestyle 

To assist people to start nomad lifestyle, Robert started corporate services providing company, Winston Wolfe. The name is synonymous with giving full packaged solutions which is the approach the company uses.

To put it in a different way, Robert is a well-heeled freedom enabler. He explains that if you are free to go anywhere globally, the most fantastic idea is changing residence to a tax free country.

You can achieve this in just 3 steps:

  1. Form a company in a free zone nation in the best places in the world.
  2. Acquire a business license, investment visa, and right to reside in the destination of choice.
  3. Change personal tax residence status to the new country that has 100% tax free. Then, travel all over the world to where you want and only visit the country of choice at least once in every six months.

Make sure to get the right information about how and where to incorporate the company, obtaining a license, create tax substance and even visa. An expert will also assist you with useful advice so that you avoid accidentally falling into the trap of taxable presence in other nations.

To get into contact with Robert, contact us, and we will be happy to connect you with him for direct liaison and assistance.

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