Types of visa in Hong Kong & how to apply

Types of visa in Hong Kong & how to apply

Hong Kong visa

Some may argue differently, but Hong Kong is regarded as an offshore jurisdiction with very low tax rates, a robust and strong economy. This is why most expats, entrepreneurs and global businesses would do everything they could to obtain a visa in Hong Kong, to enter the market of Hong Kong and reap the benefits of being in the country.

Hong Kong has a superbly welcoming economy for foreign investors and global entrepreneurs. Part of this factor is contributory to its immigration policies. If you are planning to relocate in Hong Kong soon, this article will greatly help in your journey to the heart of Asia since we created this so you will acquaint yourselves with the whole application process as well as the types of visa that you can avail of.

What types of visa can you get in Hong Kong?

For starters, there are several kinds of visa that you can apply for in Hong Kong through their Immigration Department. The application would depend upon the purpose of your relocation in the country. To give you a more detailed impression on what suits you best, here are the types of visa that you can get:

  1. Investment visa
  2. Employment visa
  3. Quality Migrant Admission Scheme
  4. Permanent resident visa

    Investment visa

    This visa is particularly aimed for foreign entrepreneurs. Whether you intend to put up a company in Hong Kong or join an existing Hong Kong business then this visa is the right fit for you. In fact you can even bring your wife and children too. However, it is important to be reminded that the visa processing and requirements to qualify for an investment visa is stringent, and you would need a specialized firm like us who can help and guide you through the process.

    Entrepreneurs who intend to apply for this visa need to meet the required qualifications before you are granted with the visa. Here’s a quick rundown on the requirements:

    Note: To know more on this visa and the process that you need to undergo to qualify, just look for the article that we have made separately that will have all the details that you need to know about the process and application procedures.

    • Validity : 1-2 years
    • Renew ability : Renewable if the applicant still meets the qualifications
    • Basis : General Employment Policy (GEP)

    Employment visa

    If you are lucky and got hired by a Hong Kong based company as an expat, then this visa is the right fit for you. In your application, you would need to quantify and prove that your experience and skill set are exemplary and is sought after. The evaluation will also look into your salary and have it aligned to the other professionals in the country.

    • Validity : 1-2 years
    • Renewability : Renewable if the applicant still meets the qualifications and is still an employee of the sponsor company
    • Basis : General Employment Policy (GEP)

      Quality migrant admission scheme

      Also referred to as QMAS Visa, this scheme covers foreigners who are not yet holding any occupation, but would want to pursue a career in Hong Kong by looking for any opportunities for employment. Please know that only about 1,000 QMAS Visa are allocated on an annual basis.

      • Validity : 1 year
      • Renew-ability : Renewable for an additional year
      • Basis : General Employment Policy (GEP)

      Permanent resident visa

      This visa will entitle you if you have stayed in the country for at least seven consecutive years, only then you can apply for a permanent resident visa in Hong Kong. By the way, you can utilize any of the visas mentioned in this article, and in the slightest instance that you meet the required number of years in the country, then you can already upgrade and apply for a permanent resident visa in Hong Kong.

      The time-frame on all these visa applications depends upon your ability to complete all requirements and fulfill the needed criteria to get a quick approval. But normally, the process will take around 4-8 weeks to complete.

      We can help you get the visa that you want

      By the thought of it alone, the process will seem daunting and very stressing. Well that is totally true, it would be best to your interest to leave the hard part to us since we offer Relocation Services that covers everything from investment to working visa in Hong Kong. We will assume the responsibility of handling your application and guide you through the application process itself.

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