You Are Unique

A tailor-made solution from Hong Kong.

Business models could be similar, but each situation is different, depending on:

  • Your nationality & your country of residence
  • The locations of your clients & suppliers
  • Your expectations in term of growth & exit strategy
  • Your competitors & business partners
  • Your professional & personal tax situation
  • Locations of your suppliers
  • Expected turnover and currencies for year-1 and year-2
  • From which country and which financial institution will the first funds be deposited

Your situation will evolve, so are the laws and regulations, and this means that a packaged solution as you could find on internet is simply not anymore a good opportunity.

Retaining the services of specialized advisors with overview of international constraints and local requirements is necessary.

Let’s be straight forward, if you are not prepared to share fully the information and documents for us to assess your situation, we, the Accoplus team, will not be in a position to support you.

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