About Us

Accoplus is a 100% privately owned Hong Kong Corporate Services Provider.

  1.  Swiss and Hong Kong Founders and managers.
  2. By entrepreneurs and for entrepreneurs
  3. 10 years servicing successful international clients
  4. Acting under license TC001110 in Hong Kong.

Co-founder and Director


  1. Swiss Entrepreneur residing in Hong Kong since 2002
  2. Fellow member of the Hong Kong Institute of Directors
  3. STEP affiliate
  4. Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS)
  5. CEDR Accredited Mediator
  6. Certified Digital Marketing Professional

Raphael develops and implement strategies to legally and ethically provide to entrepreneurs the rewards they deserve.



  1. Hong Kong National whom worked 9 years in France as an accountant
  2. Western and Asian business exposure - speaking 4 languages
  3. Highly trained in Anti-Money Laundering procedures and
  4. In daily contact with banks in Hong Kong, Singapore, Mauritius, Switzerland etc...
  5. 8 years with the company, 3 of these as Director

PingPing manages and guide the accountants and auditors, demonstrating offshore and onshore status to protect fully the clients’ interests.

Digital Business Experts

CPM, CPC, CPA, CTR, Bounce rate, User’s churn rate and Monetization, SERP, Affiliates.

The digital economy is often complex to banks and professional intermediaries, to fully comprehend. At Accoplus we have gained sufficient knowledge, expertise and experience to focus on particular issues and simplify problematics.

Business models and financial flows aside, difficulties could arise with privacy laws (i.e GDPR) effective place of management, VAT thresholds, offshore partners, traffic fraud, mirroring businesses, to name a few.

Mergers and Acquisitions, valuations, complex profits sharing structures, these are some of our experiences that are appreciated by business owners and their legal representatives.

Due to questionable user acquisition practices and often bad media releases about successful operators, we assist law professionals for their client’s compliance process, pointing out the areas where their specific knowledge will be crucial, referring cases to our rightful and trusted specialists.

Experts in digital economy we have active roles to protect the interests of beneficial owners in new ventures.

We navigate with ease between digital business models and the old economy, supporting businesses for their digital transformation and facilitating the work of stakeholders.

Do you want to:

  1. Better understand how to structure an online business to increase the after taxes results
  2. Explore payment gateway options for a Hong Kong company
  3. Understand how exit strategies are implemented with a Hong Kong company
  4. Leave the West to work and live in Asia