Post-Incorporation Services

Accounting & Audit

Small and Medium enterprises in Hong Kong should also prepare accounting and audits.

We offer in-house or externalized (monitored by Accoplus) accounting services with a SINGLE POINT OF CONTACT solution.

With a large choice selection of Trusted Auditors, ranging from the small and competitive local firm to one of the BIG 4, the external Audit will be arranged to match the specific client’s needs.

The SINGLE POINT OF CONTACT solution simplifies all exchanges, shortening the time requirements, ensuring INDEPENDENCE AND EFFECTIVE CONTROL.

For active companies monthly P&L weekly cash positions are provided, and the use of XERO as accounting software also provides effective real-time access.

The Accoplus team has strong International Business expertise and is working daily with documents in many languages.

Tax Representative & offshore status

Demonstrating Offshore Status: Instead of requesting a pre-ruling, Hong Kong Companies are often claiming offshore profits when delivering the first Audit report.
To ease the process of securing an offshore status, the company will have, through Accoplus as its Tax Representative, to evidence and reply to Inland Revenue Department about:

  • How the clients were contacted, keeping emails, minutes of meetings, phone bills, and foreign expenses (i.e., restaurants, transportation) occurred during and for the commercial activities.
  • How the suppliers were contacted and how the prices were negotiated, keeping travels records and the exchanges trail.
  • Record how and by whom the services were rendered, with a detailed description of such services supporting the demonstration of a substance outside of Hong Kong.

Relocation Services: Entrepreneur Visa

Hong Kong as a new home is an attractive opportunity for Entrepreneurs.
Living in a pro-business environment is life-changing, seeing your efforts rewarded, being surrounded by resilient and hard-working people, and sitting next to the World Factory and where the cash-rich clients are, is a unique chance.

  • Attracting bright entrepreneurs is CRUCIAL for Hong Kong.
  • The investment visa process is straightforward, you should demonstrate that you will contribute to the Hong Kong economy.
  • By renting an office, hiring local employees, and having sufficient funding the demonstration is done, the process will take 3-4 months.
  • You will receive a Hong Kong Identity Card and benefit from the territorial tax system, seven years later you will be eligible for a Permanent Residency, with the right of abode.
  • Accoplus will accompany the client during all the procedures, also supporting the search for qualified employees, office lease, a draft of employment contracts, insurance arrangements, etc.

Corporate Secretarial Services

For Hong Kong and offshore companies, our services include:

  1. company administration
  2. statutory filings
  3. board meeting minutes
  4. notarization and certifications
  5. registering local offices
  6. change of director(s) and shareholder(s)
  7. provision of company secretaries
  8. FATCA/CRS registration and reporting services.

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