Hong Kong Advantages

Low to No tax environment – Save money

From Zero to 16.5 % depending on the business model, and with multiple double tax treaties

in force. All this from a city not categorized as a tax heaven.


Confidentiality – Protect your security


No public register of beneficials owners, no directors address publicly available, difficult access to the company registry, use of nominees permitted, multi-layering quite common.


Saving on Chinese’s purchases – Save 10-15 % on your costs


A price request is not treated the same way if emanating from a local company, next to the world factory the price difference is paying all company costs.


No administrative burden – Expand your company, easily


Just accounting and audit, you will enjoy the world’s freest economy with no VAT, no dividends tax, no exchange control, a real pro-business environment.


Sound legal system – Western approach on contracts


Common law and a vast choice of legal professionals with extensive experience of cross-border operations.  Adequate Trustee ordinance.


Easy Immigration – Live with thousands of Entrepreneurs


Hong Kong is clearly stating that doors are open to talents, entrepreneur and employees are now in the best period to immigrate with lower costs than usual as the property market is adjusting.

It’s time for you to learn how to live in total security.