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Bank Account Opening Process in Hong Kong: Listing the Main Documents Required

Hong Kong is a leading financial center and an attractive destination for businesses and investors looking to expand their operations in Asia. Opening a bank account in Hong Kong is a crucial step for anyone conducting business in the region. However, the process of opening a bank account in Hong Kong can be complex, and the requirements for documentation can vary depending on the type of account and the bank. In this blog post, we will list the main documents required for opening a bank account in Hong Kong.

  1. Proof of Identity: The most important document required for opening a bank account in Hong Kong is a valid passport. The passport must be current and not expired. Some banks may also accept other forms of identification, such as a Hong Kong identity card or a driver’s license.
  2. Proof of Address: Banks in Hong Kong require proof of address to ensure that the account holder is a resident of the country. The document must be recent and show the account holder’s name and address. Acceptable documents include utility bills, bank statements, or a tenancy agreement.
  3. Proof of Business: For corporate accounts, proof of business is required. This includes documents such as a business registration certificate, articles of association, and a certificate of incorporation.
  4. Proof of Source of Funds: Banks in Hong Kong are required to ensure that the source of funds for the account is legitimate. This includes documentation such as bank statements, financial statements, or tax returns.
  5. Business Plan: Some banks may require a business plan for corporate accounts. The business plan should outline the company’s objectives, strategy, and financial projections.
  6. Board Resolution: For corporate accounts, a board resolution is required to authorize the opening of the account. The resolution should be signed by the company’s directors and specify the authorized signatories for the account.


Opening a bank account in Hong Kong requires several documents, including proof of identity, proof of address, proof of business, proof of source of funds, a business plan, and a board resolution for corporate accounts. It is important to note that the requirements for documentation may vary depending on the bank and the type of account. Working with a Corporate Services Provider (CSP) can help simplify the process of opening a bank account in Hong Kong, as they have extensive knowledge and expertise in the local regulations and compliance requirements.

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